Paraguayan harpist and composer, Juanjo Corbalán, currently owns his personal project, “Juanjo Corbalán Cuarteto”. Rescues sounds from Paraguayan popular music, combining various elements of the traditional rhythms of Paraguayan, native Guaraní sounds, Latin American, and jazz influences, incorporating the folk instrument of Paraguay, the harp, within a freer musical context. The quartet had outstanding performances at renowned festivals such as: Festival Mundial del arpa, AsuJazz Festival and the Jazz al este Festival. They have recently toured in South America as well as Spain and Portugal, appearing in festivals and concert halls.

South American Journey
The concert gathers and rescues sounds of Paraguayan popular music, combining elements of traditional Paraguayan rhythms, the native essence with songs in Guarani, immersing us to the Latin American roots and a spark of jazz influences, incorporating the harp into a freer musical language, loaded with instrumental music, native songs in Guarani, own compositions and improvisations. Generating sonorities that are conjugated in music inspired by nature and the constant search for a current sound, creating a local musical landscape and the universal, where the Paraguayan harp takes character and opens to new possibilities within this search.